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Whiteboard LLC’s exhibitions inspire cultural engagement and education through high-quality, interactive, traveling exhibitions focused on the arts, science, history and their links in today’s popular culture.

Whiteboard LLC will provide expertise through the design, building, and packaging of rentable exhibitions for an affordable price. Each exhibition will include framed art and/or printable images, text panels, labels, and detailed instructions for installation to renting institutions.

Whiteboard LLC was created by founder and lead exhibitor Scott Henderson who brings a decade of experience in exhibition design, curation, preparation, and installment.


Whiteboard LLC’s mission is to engage, enlighten and inspire cultural communication through specialized traveling exhibits and to provide consultation for businesses looking to build unique exhibits for their institutions.

the team

Scott Henderson – Current Director of smART Space Galleries and head curator for Science Museum Oklahoma as well as the museum’s Director of Design and Planning. He has created over twenty six highly celebrated science based art exhibitions, two that were recently named by USA Today as best exhibitions to visit in the country 2017 “Ray Harryhausen- Mythical Menagerie” – The movies of special effects pioneer Ray Harryhausen, and in 2018 for “Into the Fold- the Art and Science of Origami “. Scott has a background in design, art history and studio art.

Alyson Atchison – Alyson Atchison is an independent artist and curator based in Oklahoma City. Throughout her tenure at the Oklahoma Arts Council as the Curator of Education and Capitol Galleries (2009-2017), Atchison has curated and prepared over 100 exhibitions of artwork by Oklahoma artists in the galleries at the Oklahoma Capitol. In addition, she produced educational resources for public school students to learn Oklahoma History and art fundamentals through the permanent collections at the Capitol.

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